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Store important information about your personal and business life in mind maps and get current, upcoming and structured views of your daily tasks in Outlook for easy reviewing and processing. Learn more...

XMindlook Summarize

convert the web to mindmap

A small product that can transform any webpage to a mind map with the most important content and keywords. Also allows to quickly add definition for any mind map topic using Wikipedia.



XMindlook employs open source XMind mind maps application and MS Outlook to deliver best usability and interoperatibility. XMindlook will enhance your productivity by integrating mind mapping approach and task management. XMindlook is particularly suitable for David Allen's Getting Things Done, a modern time management methodology.

XMind, on which XMindlook is basing, is fully blown and very popular mind map application. As the authors say, "XMind is the world's coolest brainstorming and mind mapping software and the best way to share your ideas". XMind is rated five stars on Softpedia and won numerous open source awards. We hope that XMindlook will soon receive same positive feedback.